Catholic Religion
Your Faith, Your Treasure, Embrace It

Hi, I'm Myrna. Welcome to Catholic Religion and More!

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed building it. While doing this, I had one purpose in mind: give you the tools needed to learn and understand our Faith.

How? By getting to know Jesus intimately through the Holy Bible, the lives of Saints, the History of the Catholic Church and also trough various books that the Vatican recommends for our Spiritual Growth.

How can we love God if we don't know Him or we know Him poorly? We will not know Him if we do not know the Church he established and the truths this Church teaches.

''My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge''-(Hosea 4:6) 

One of the treasures given to us by Jesus himself is The Catholic Church, when He trusted Peter with the Church that He founded. You can verify this in the Gospel of Matthew 16:18.

Feel free to browse this site to discover all the treasures of our Catholic Faith.

For me it's an enormous joy to share the many aspects of our rich Faith with you.

Like the various forms of our Catholic Prayers, to mention a few: Novena's, Devotions, Prayer of the Saints and so on.

Our Church Fathers have left a huge legacy of teachings for us to enrich our Faith. Let's make use of these tools in order to become Catholics who know in Whom they believe and why this Church is the only one built by the One who created the whole Universe!

You will also find splendid Gift Ideas for those special occasions only us Catholics have the privilege to celebrate accordingly, like : Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and a Sound Catholic Wedding!

Feel free to browse each subject of our Catholic Religion that you are interested in.

Let's take time to nourish our souls with the revealed Truth, coming from the mouth of God.

Remember, a Catholic who knows his Faith profoundly, will never walk in darkness!

There are some fantastic Catholic Books if you are interested to know more about your Faith