A Prayer Request for Guidance and help

by Corina
(El paso,Tx USA)

Hi, I have this Prayer Request: please help me, my family and friends, get closer to you. Protect my friends and guide them to the right path.

Help my sister get a job and help my family financially, physically and emotionally. And please help them also spiritually and mentally.

Guide me to the right path, give me strength, faith, love and give me knowledge of what Your will is.

Please my dear God, give me a clear sign of what career and vocation I'm supposed to do. Put all the paths for it and please help me fast. I really need you to answer my prayers.

Also give me a clear sign: if I'm meant for a religious life give me a white rose, if I'm meant for marrying, a pink rose. If it is your will for me to stay single, give me a yellow rose. If I'm meant for Irving, please give me an easter lily and lead the path straight to him.

Give me your talents, gifts and graces. Give me your beauty and smartness. Also help my sisters and me with depression.

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