Abortions, learn what happens with these children!

Writing about Abortions is heartbreaking for me, being a Christian. As Catholics we know that God is the Creator of Life, both the physical and the eternal, everlasting Life.

Because of this truth I know also that it's my duty to help people become more aware how intrinsically evil this action is in the eyes of our Creator.

I am fully aware thet the defenders of pro choice will have a big problem with this page, but this cannot stop me from defending Life in all it's aspects, including the unborn child!

The mother's womb is supposed to be the one place on earth where the unborn baby feels safe. Ironically this place has become the most dangerous one!

In almost every magazine you will find information about this topic. But they all tackle the issue from the wrong side, the human one. If you think about the fact that more than one million babies are being expelled from their mother's womb each year, in the U.S. alone, you get a sickening feeling!

Defending the lives of unborn babies is a matter of conscience, thus a matter of our souls. And only God's will must reign in our souls. And since God is Life, He will never live in a soul who carries death within!

God says in His Word that He knows us before we are even born (read Jeremiah 1:5).

Do we really believe that He remains indifferent seeing how we lead thousands of unborn babies to a cruel death every single day?

We are children of God and our utmost longing must be to love and please Him!

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, no one must make such a life changing decision before reading about the History of Abortion. Dare to care and spread the knowledge to your loved ones!

These are the Facts everyone must know about. If we are well informed, we might see this from a different angle.

We must dare to learn about these Horrendous Methods  in order for us to wake up and defend the lives of the little victims of this modern day Holocaust!

Ever heard about the Pro Life movement? Find out why they are against Abortions.

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