Annointing the Sick, are we ready for it?

Annointing the Sick, the Sacrament in which the Priest blesses the organs of sense of the sick person with oil. He will also pray for the forgiveness of the sins that the person might have committed with these organs.

What does the Bible say about this Sacrament

In the Epistle of St James we can read about this Sacrament given to the sick:

“Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” - James 5:14.

What this Sacrament does for our Souls

This Sacrament increases Grace and strengthening for our souls so we can meet the approach of death without discouragement, anguish and despair.

We will keep our Christian hope in God's Justice, Truth and Salvation.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, I have seen how my own father received a tremendous amount of strength and faith when he had to pass to the eternal life. Although you could see he was in much pain because of his sickness, he was always in good mood!

This was because the Sacrament of Anointment made him able to suffer without complaining! And this for a man who was always grumpy when he was healthy!

Take a look at all the effects

The Special Grace this Sacrament bestows upon the sick has also the following effects:

  • The sick person gets united to the passion of Christ, for his own good and that of the whole Church.
  • She/he can endure the suffering due to illness in a Christian manner, due to the strengthening, peace and courage she/he receives.
  • Forgiveness of sins, inclusive the mortal ones, even if  there was no opportunity to confess.
  • Restoration of health, if with this the soul might love God better and grow in Grace.

Where/How can this Sacrament be Administered

We can receive this Sacrament more than once, in case of a new illness or worsening of the first illness.The preferred manner for this Sacrament to be administered is during Mass. But if it takes place outside mass, it can be held in your home, in a hospital or an institution.

We must not be afraid of this Sacrament and wait too long to ask a Priest to administer it to us or to a loved one. 

The Sacrament of Annointing the Sick is a Gift of God to show his immeasurable Mercy for Mankind. Let's gratefully make use of it, when we are sick or when the time comes for us too, to be united with our Lord.

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