Why do many of us take the Anti Abortion stand?

Why do so many people in the whole world take an anti abortion stand? 

Don't you think this is so because they all know for sure that abortion is murder?

Did you know that un unborn child has pain receptors throughout her/his entire body? How about this: there is substantial medical evidence that an unborn baby can experience pain by 20 weeksafter fertilization!

We know that fetal surgeons have found it necessary to sedate unborn babies with anesthesia. They do this to prevent them from thrashing about, reacting to invasive surgery.

In everyday's words, this means: the unborn child feels pain, hence she/he wants to move away from the hands or tools that cause her/him this pain!

I am quite sure that any mother-to-be, if well informed about all the details concerning her unborn child, will be against abortion!

Abortion leave wounds behind

When God created us, He gave us something that distinguishes us from animals: we can reason!

When we reason we have the choice to use our common sense. Our common sense makes us capable to conclude it's just natural to be against abortion.

Which human being, if she/he possesses full knowledge of the most cruel methods used to get rid of a child, will deny to take an anti abortion stand?

I am glad to reach out to you the story of this brave woman, who decided to leave her pro choice stand to defend life in stead. 

Read unPlanned and see a wonderful picture of the Power of Love and Prayer from the hearts of Christians who really commit themselves to fight the evil behind abortions.

As Catholics who know what our religion is about, we know that Abortion is something very evil to commit! There are so many sad stories about people who committed abortion and never again they have felt the same. 

Others tell that when they finally decided it's time to form a family, they discovered they cannot have any children! And with much pain they bring back in their memories the one child they could have had, yet decided to abort.

Besides this, who knows how many children who have been aborted have been chosen by God to serve Him in a special way, for the Glory of His Kingdom?

My sisters and brothers in Christ, there are many sad stories I could tell you about abortion. And I'm pretty sure you also have heard some ..

Let's pray for God to illuminate the hearts and minds of all those mothers-to-be, who right at this moment are contemplating the possibility to terminate their pregnancy.

Let's pray for God, the Creator of Life,to bestow His abundant graces on them so they get the courage to take an anti abortion stand and choose for the life of their unborn child.

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