The Archangel Gabriel,
very close to us humans 

The Archangel Gabriel is the celestial being who God sent to this earth with very special messages. His name means “God is my strength”.

His name is mentioned three times in the Bible. In the book of Daniel we read about the vision of a horned ram. We can read how  he warned against the destruction of the Persian Empire.

It's also  this Angel who gave Daniel the explanation of a vision about our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The second man he talked to was Zachary, when he went to the Temple to burn incense at the Altar of God. He foretold Zachary the birth of his son, st. John the Baptist.

Zachary did not belief him, because his wife was unable to have children. Besides that, by the time he appeared to him, his wife was old already. Because of his disbelief in the message of God, Zachary lost his speech until the birth of his son.

The Angel of the Annunciation

But most of all, we believers know Gabriel from the Annunciation.

He greeted the Virgin Mary by saying the following words: “Hail Mary, full of Grace... “, which has become the constant prayer of all Catholic's, until this day!

In " All about the Angels" we can read how the Angels have assisted people innumerable times in the past and how they continue to help us today. Our Angels would do even more for us, if we only ask them!

According to Christian Tradition it's him who talked to Saint Joseph in his dreams to explain him about the Virgin Mary's pregnancy. Later on he warned him to fly to Egypt to escape Herod's soldiers who were killing all Jewish babies.

He was also there with the myriads of Angels who appeared to the shepherds the night Jesus was born. I'm sure you remember all these Bible stories you have heard during your schooldays.

It was also him who was in the Garden of Getsemany to bring strength to Jesus during His agony.

Together with Raphael and Michael, Gabriel is ”one of the seven 

who stand before God”. (Luke 1:19)

Formerly, the feast day of the Archangel Gabriel was celebrated on March 24th, one day before the feast of the Annunciation. But later the Church changed his feast day for september 29th, to be celebrated together with the other two Archangels.

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ, the Archangel Gabriel is indeed worthy of mentioning his name and recalling how faithful he serves the Lord, for all eternity.

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