Archangel Michael, the One who defeated the devil.

The name of the Archangel Michael means ”who is like God?” . He is the one who has led the battle against satan and all his evil angels. He has driven  them out of Heaven.

He is also known as “the prince of the heavenly host”. You can read about him in the Holy Scriptures: twice in the Book of Daniel, once in the Book of Revelation and once in the Epistle of St. Jude. 

It's in this epistle that he is specifically referred ta as “archangel”.

He is the one who will rescue our souls from satan, also at the hour of our death. So it will be very helpful for us to invoke him daily asking him to help us in our fight against the devil!

It was in the 4th century that christian sanctuaries to our heavenly being began to appear. First he was seen as a healing angel, but over time people began to see him as a protector and the leader of God against all forces of evil.

By the 6th century devotions to him have spread both in the Eastern and the Western Churches. 

His Roles or Offices

According to our own Roman Catholic Teachings, he has four main roles or offices:

  • He is the leader of the Army of God and the leader of heaven's forces in their triumph over the powers of hell. To ask for his intervention we can use the prayers in the "Chaplet of St. Michael".
  • He is the angel of death, carrying the souls of all the deceased to face their final judgement.
  • At the hour of our death, he descends and gives us the last chance to accept redemption, thus snatching our souls from the devil.
  • He is the Guardian of the Catholic Church.

The "Prayer to the Archangel Michael", in which we specifically ask him to defend us against all evil beings, is known to all Catholics over the world.

This Heavenly Host has also appeared to the three little children in Fatima, preparing them for the apparition of our Lady of Fatima.

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