Avarice, the Sin of Greed can ruin your soul!

Avarice or Greed is the second Capital Sin that has Mankind in his chains. Having this bad habit  means that we have an exaggerated wish for worldly possessions.

If we have fallen victim to the vice of Greed we will find ourselves working only for the money, for buying all kinds of unnecessary stuff! 

Greedy  people can possess all sorts of junk, but they never use them. This is the same as egoism. They can be very rich, but may never spend their money.

Greedy people don't have faith that God will provide for them what they are in need of.

They will always keep  worrying what they shall eat or what they shall drink, or what they shall wear. 

They do not acknowledge that God our Father knows we need those things,  and He will provide. Because He tells us that we are more important to Him than all the birds and the flowers on earth!

But first we have to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to us as well.

How can we combat Avarice?

  • When we buy something, it must be because we need it.
  • We must use what we buy to come to the Lord. 
  • And when we owe someone money, we must pay our debts, without complaining! 
  • We must be generous to our neighbor.
  • Help your neighbor with love and mercy.

Deliberate Acts of Kindness might be just the best method to combat Greed. By focussing on our neighbor's needs in stead of ourselves, we can be freed of this sin before it ruins our souls.

Matthew 5:7 tells us that merciful people will be blessed because God will show them mercy too.

If we fill our minds and souls with the Word of God, He Himself will take care that we get the strength  to control all our bad habits.

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