Cancel my debt in lieu of the intense suffering of a lifetime in tears.

by Barbara
(Gull Lake, Sask. Canada)

Dear Lord, in your Son's name, Yeshua please see the anguish of my life spent as a divorced mother of seven children.

The journey left us weary and slightly bitter with the scorn of societal rejection. We struggled with out mercy or a kind soul to alleviate the pain. In this country of abundance we were in great material want and reviled for our faith in You.

My children are gone and my dearest friend left to linger with you as he expired in my arms.

I am empty. I have sent multitudes of prayers into your bossom and am as one invisible. I engaged the torment, clung to your lifeline as the spirit hovered to hold my lost soul.

Forgive my ingratitude and have mercy upon my children as they navigate the incoming tide. I request as I cling to the hem of your garment healing as a child comforted in the bossom of your majesty. Bestow your favor into this family adrift for many years and acknowledge the transformation just as you wished it to be.

I await your grace and the cup overflowing a hundred times over. With love Lord, let the cleansing fire bring justice to us from the arrows of the enemy as they seek the ruination of our peace. Minister into our forsaken lives and preserve this holy remnant.

The debt is paid as living waters emanate from your source. I ask with the greatest reverence, Abba, release me and my children from temporal and material debt all according to you perfect will. You are loved Father!

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