Everything about
our Catholic Beliefs!

The deeper we delve into our Catholic Beliefs, the stronger our Faith becomes and the more we will progress in our Catholic life. This is why our Roman Catholic Faith is so incredibly rich! 

The only way for us to stand strong and defend our Faith, is to know it better! There are numerous lectures about our marvelous Faith that can be used to expand our knowledge of  the great heritage that Jesus entrusted onto the Apostles.

Jesus wanted them to share it with the rest of the world in all of time, awaiting His second coming in all His Glory!

Our Church seems to have gotten weaker in It's Faith. This is because of our lack of knowledge about all the treasures that only we Catholics have the privilege to be blessed in, The Sacraments for example. 

People who know their Faith and who live it like the first disciples did, will have their children grow up fearless in expressing themselves as Catholics.

Would it not be great for us to be like the disciples of Jesus Christ once were? To be as close as they were to Jesus! To be able to attend the Holy Mass with an unshakeable believe in the Son of God and in His real presence in the Holy Eucharist!

If you too want to become like the first disciples, here are some really great books for you to read and learn about our Catholic Beliefs. They will help you to understand and stand firmly in your Faith. 

Like this Guide, " What we can't not know", in which the author, using clear and logical arguments, rehabilitates the natural law tradition. Reading this book restores our confidence in a moral code, based upon human nature.

We Catholics are the ones called to help our Church once again become like it was in the beginning! Where believers stood up and shouted lively: “Amen!” onto every truth that is spoken during our Catholic Masses.

Really, the better we know what our Roman Catholic Religion is about, the better we withstand every attempt to weaken us in our Faith!

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