Catholic Bible,
The Holy Scripture

The Catholic Bible consists of 73 books, 46 books in The Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. 

These Holy Scriptures are based on the Septuagint, (132 BC) most importantly.

This was the only edition, until the Protestant Reformation, which took place in the year 1517. 

During the Protestant Reformation there were 7 books that have been dropped by the Protestants. This explains why they up to date have less books in their Scriptures. Before this Reformation, these 7 books were in the recognized canons, approved by the Catholic Church.

After the Reformation, the Council of Trent (1545-1563 AD) has reaffirmed the Canon as approved by Pope Damasus and the Synod of Rome(382AD), also the local Councils of Hippo  (393AD), Carthage  (397AD) and last the Canon contained in the Latin Vulgate translation as the Holy Bible.

The Holy Scritures in the Old Testament have been written during a long period of time, more or less 1500 BC to 400 years B.C. Whereas the books of the New Testament  took a shorter period of time to write, 40 to 90 AD.

The first Bible ever printed was in the year 1454 by Johannes Gutenberg.

This Holy Book is translated in 2018 languages and is still the best selling book ever in the World! 

The oldest, almost complete manuscript of the Holy Scriptures is “The Codex Vaticans,” dating from the first half of the fourth century! This manuscript is located in the library of the Vatican in Rome.

The Holy Scriptures are
Edited In Different Versions:

The New Jerusalem Bible

This is a Catholic translation published in 1985. It has become the Roman Catholic Holy Scripture that is most widely used outside the U.S. It's translated directed from the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

The New Revised Standard Version

This Holy Book is a translation repeated completely in line with the " The New Revised Standard Version", retaining traditional language for God. 

Although being  somewhat literal in it's translation, it reflects current American cultural preferences. This is regarding the English expressions. It has extensive footnotes and yes, there is a Catholic edition!

The New American With

Revised New Testament and Psalms

This is the Holy Scripture American Catholics hear during Sunday Mass readings. It is a revision of The New American Bible.

It uses easy to understand language, so it can be used in public worship.

Good News Translation

This edition is totally new, published by the American Bible Society. It uses popular contemporary English that is more ordinary in nature. Young People might prefer this Holy Book. There is also a Catholic edition of this Scripture. 

You can see you have enough variation to choose some beautiful Catholic Bibles.

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