Catholic Gifts..special occasions, special gifts!

Handing out Catholic Gifts is a manner in which we can show our love to our family, friends and neighbors. There are moments in our lives as Catholics, that we celebrate very special occasions! And on these special occasions, most of us want to express our joy by presenting a beautiful Catholic Gift to our loved ones. 

Special events such as Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Ordination and Weddings. Marking a very special moment, giving a present with true meaning, surrounded by family and friends. How privileged are we, as Catholics! We are able to express our Catholic Faith in all aspects of our lives!

As Catholics we know the importance for our new born family members to become members of the Church of God. This is the reason why we as parents make sure that our children receive the First Sacrament of Initiation, Baptism, as soon as possible!

Wouldn't it be great to present a unique Baptism Gift? Make a gesture that will last a life time.

And as this dear child grows up, being raised in an authentic Catholic family, the time will come for this child to receive the Holy Communion for the first time! What a happiness awaits her/him, the moment they become one with the body of Christ for the first time! The moment they feel Him physically deep within their little hearts! Really, there is nothing that can compare to this Joy!

First Communion Gifts should be chosen acknowledging how important this day is for the kids involved. Look for special keepsakes that will last forever!

Children who grow up in families that are devoted to the Catholic Faith are fortunate! It will be so natural for them to prepare themselves for the Confirmation of their Faith! They will surely  know that the Holy Spirit will descend on them, the moment the Bishop touches their faces!

Carefully selected Confirmation Gifts that commemorate this special day are indeed Faith-building, but also Holy Tokens to be treasured for ever! 

And do you see your dear little child growing up, becoming a teen, graduating, becoming an adult, getting married? Yes, it's the dream of most parents, to see their children grow up to be happy adults. Adults who are capable of raising their own children in the same happy sphere of love, that you as parents have raised them.

Wedding Gifts are perfect for those relatives or friends of ours, who start a new life together with the one they love!

There are also cases when we as parents note that our children seem to have very special interest in embracing a Religious Life. We must be thankful for that and cooperate with them, because these are special children of God, chosen to work in His Harvest! Support their interest with your prayers.

Do you happen to know a friend or family member who is being ordained in a religious life? Look for Ordination Gifts here. You will be surprised to discover how many choices you have!

Now all these precious moments I have mentioned above, are truly special  in the life of us Catholics. And we love to express our joy by giving special Catholic Gifts on each of these occasions!

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