Our Catholic Popes, the successors of Peter

Our Catholic Popes are provided by God to continue guiding us through the ages until His second coming.

How great is our God! 

Through the ages we have known a lot of Roman Catholic Popes, starting with Saint Peter, one of the first disciples of Christ.

I will try to record those Popes who have made the most impact on our Catholic Religion and the ones  you, our visitors, want to know more about.

But I will start with the Apostle Simon Peter, the first Pope of our Catholic Church, who had the privilege to walk with Jesus, eat with Him, talk with Him and learn directly from Him how to be meek and humble.

Pope Gregory, also called Gregory the Great, is well known for his writings and his endless efforts in revising the Roman Worship of his time.

Pope Nicholas II is the person behind the Reform of Papal Elections. He also took care that the election procedure was changed.

Blessed Pope Urban II, one of the most prominent and active supporters of the Gregorian reforms, beatified by Pope Leo Xiii.

Pope Innocent III was one of the most powerful and influential Popes in the History of the Catholic Church. He was also the central person in the supporting of the reforms of Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Pope Celestine V has abdicated the Papacy, because he preferred to return to solitude. The Catholic Church recognizes him as a Saint. 

Pope Sixtus is the Pope who has included the establishment of the Sistine Chapel, the famous Chapel in the Basilica of saint Peter and refunded and enlarged the Vatican Library.

Pope Alexander VI, described as one of the most outstanding Popes since St. Peter. He had considerable skills as a diplomat, politician and civil administrator.

Pope Julius II, the Warrior Pope, had an active foreign policy and many building projects. He also convened the Fifth Council of the Lateran.

Pope Leo X is known to have challenged Martin Luther's 95 Theses. He also made Rome, the capital of Christendom, the center of European Culture.

Pope Clement VII is the Pope who refused to annul the marriage of King Henry VIII. This led to the break between the Kingdom of England and  the Catholic Church.

Pope Pius VI was the Pope who made reforms in the corrupt administration of all the Papal States.

And our Pope Pius X encouraged frequent reception of Holy Communion. This is why he is known as the “Pope of the Blessed Sacrament.”

Pope John XXIII, who was known as a man of good humor and kindness has captured the world's affections.

Pope John Paul I is the first pope who had two names. His pontificate was one of the shortest since the year 1605.

Pope John Paul Second, acclaimed by the world as John Paul the Great, was the Pope known as one of the most-travelled world leaders in the History. He has put a special emphasis on the Universal Call to Holiness.

The last on our list is Pope Benedict XVI, who is actually the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Some call him the “humble genius.” He had the courage to face sexual abuse cases, involving priests, without any exceptions.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, it is important for us to know what our Catholic Popes did for the real Church of Christ. Knowing more about our Roman catholic Popes makes us more aware of our Church's history.

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