Catholic Prayers for Children: grow up loving God

Catholic Prayers for Children are prayers that cannot be missed in any faithful Catholic home. How beautiful is it to look at our children bowing their heads in all innocence. Fold their little hands and talk to the God they know, the God that lives in their little hearts!

We, as Catholic parents, know of these precious moments in our family life. Moments in which we thank our Lord for all the graces he has bestowed upon each of us. Thanking Him for all the good, but also the not so good things that happened in our lives. Because we know that in His wisdom, He knows what is best for each one of us.

A Catholic Prayer book, designed specially for your children, is a valuable tool for them to grow in their love for God. It's also through Catholic Prayers for children, that our kids learn the capacity to  communicate with their Creator. 

Let's give our children the opportunity to become good Catholics, with a rich prayer life according to their age.

We should pray the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father, daily with our children. Teach them the deep meaning of these phrases, so wisely dictated to the Apostles by Jesus Himself. The Holy Spirit will take care to make our children understand what we teach them about His Wisdom.

For very young children it will be better to start their prayer life  by teaching them The Guardian Angel Prayer. They can learn this prayer easily by repeating it daily.

It's important for us parents to foster devotion at an early age in our children to our dear Mother, the Virgin Mary. Later on, while they are growing, it will be easier to introduce the longer Marian prayers, such as the Rosary.

Browse and find prayer books for your children here, beautifully illustrated with rich contents, though easy enough for them to read and understand. You can find even prayerbooks for babies, most tender pictures to grab their attention.

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