Male Catholic Saints,
Valuable Models of our Faith!

The Catholic Saints understood the calling to holiness God put upon mankind very well.

In 1 Peter 1:15-16 we can read how God calls us to be holy in all we do, because He is holy. No doubt about it, God speaks clearly to all of us, believers, to incline our hearts to holiness!

God wants us to consecrate ourselves to Him and to not make ourselves unclean by any creature that moves about the ground.

Specially the Catholic Saints understood this. Notwithstanding all their shortcomings, they managed to climb higher and higher in that interior castle which is their soul.

They did not stop until they reached the ultimate holy chamber, where only God dwells!

We learn here about Saint Anthony of Padua! So brilliant, yet so humble that even his brothers in Christ came to know by chance that he was an outstanding preacher with an astonishing doctrine knowledge.

Oh and Saint Augustine, what a wonderful model for us in our modern days! This brilliant man has led a life of perdition of all kinds. That is, until he got a very personal experience with Jesus Christ. After his conversion Augustine replied to all who tried to encourage him to return to a sinful life, “Augustine no more, but Christ, who lives in me!”

Read about Saint Francis of Assisi and enter the world of this wonderful Man of God. The first recorded stigmatic in Christian history! Born in a wealthy family, he chose to live as the Poorest of the Poor, all for Jesus.

Expecting mothers, rejoice in your pregnancy! Nothing can go wrong if you trust your delivery to Saint Gerard!

Do you know Saint Jude? Yes, the Thaddeus, the disciple of Christ. He is called the patron of the most difficult cases! Read about his life and learn why they call him so. 

Saint Michael is the one who led the faithful angels during the great battle in heaven. He is the Archangel who also defends us in battle, who protects us against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

Or Saint Nicholas, known all over the world for his generosity and his love for children. Yes, the one who's feast day makes children happy all around the globe!

Saint Patrick is one of the earliest writers to support the idea of the abolition of slavery. He is the saint that left the most impact on Ireland. He left e real legacy of Catholic Saints in that land! Learn more about this saint!

Our first Pope, Saint Peter, impulsive, strong and so ready to die for Jesus. Once the Holy Ghost descended upon him, there was nothing that could stop him to preach about the Good News.

Learn more about Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, known all over the world as Padre Pio, the Capuchin priest who bore the wounds of Jesus. His love for Christ was so ardent, that people could actually see him being transformed into the Crucified Christ. 

Read about Saint Raphael, the Archangel, who delivered Sarah from the devil so he could not slay her husband Tobias. He also cured Tobias's father, named Tobit, from his blindness.

Know more about Saint Stephen, the first Martyr of The Catholic Church. Falsely accused, just like our Lord  Jesus. Being a real disciple of Christ, also he forgave his murderers while dying a Glorious Martyr's death!

How can we not pay attention to Saint Valentine, the Saint Patron of Love! He was martyred because he did not want to give up his Catholic Faith. 

Indeed, we, members of the Catholic Church, can be proud of our Catholic Saints, whether they lived centuries ago or in more recent times.

Our Catholic Saints have shown us how to stay faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, even under the most dangerous circumstances!

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