Catholic Spirituality
another Truth of our Faith 

Many people ask themselves: “what is Catholic Spirituality all about?” It is an intimate life with God, where we experience His Holy Love at a whole different level.

God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost will be vividly a part of your dailylife. The stronger your connection with God, the more He can trust upon you to be a companion of Jesus Christ!

Everyday should be a day that we grow closer to God. There is no Spiritual Growth without a life of prayer, meditation and Holy Lecture.

Spirituality and Religion

Many people get confused when it comes to Spirituality and Religion. 

Religion is the service and worship of God. Spirituality means how we experience God in our life. You see, we can be religious, while not being spiritual! 

The greater your Spiritual Growth the deeper you experience God in your life.

Growing spiritually does not happen over night! There are many great books that can help us in this journey to God.

"The Spiritual Combat" is one of those books that provides timeless guidance in spiritual discipline.

Imagine, even St Francis de Sales (1576-1622) read from this book every day and recommended it to everyone under his direction. 

Of course reading alone is not enough. You must have a life of prayer and obedienceto God. Only then will you reach a very intimate relationship with the Lord! 

Fr. Caussade's "Abandonment to Divine Providence" is a book for all those who truly seek God. The author of this book succeeded to impress upon the reader that abandonment may be taught and practiced by repeated acts. It is the duty of every Christian to acquire this virtue.

The Holy Ghost, the Third person of the Holy Trinity, is the One who illuminates us, guides us  and tells us what we have to do. Those who follow him humbly, with a pure heart, will grow Spiritually and become holy people. People who God uses for many great miracles!

Our Church provides many Catholic Spirituality books to help us reach this goal.

It's with great pleasure that I recommend you these books. I am sure that you will get Spiritual Blessings out of each one of them!

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