A Catholic Wedding Gift To Remember!

Thinking about a Catholic Wedding Gift? Almost instantaneously we travel back in time, remembering our own Marriage. The moment we enter the Church, the Wedding Song. The Vows we exchange with our one and only. We might also think about our own Vows! Unforgettable moments indeed.

Yes, we all get moved by emotions seeing a young couple in front of the altar of God, proclaiming their love for each other publicly! This love is not just a passing emotion, but a free decision to be faithful to each other in good and bad times. This mutual self giving is the secret to a successful marriage, an outward sign of inner grace!

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 we can read a beautiful description of the unconditional love wives and husbands must have for each other.  Someone who really loves her/his partner will be patient and kind with her/him. If we really love we cannot envy, or boast. 

We will never dishonor our loved ones and we cannot delight in evil but we will rejoice with the truth. If we love we will always protect and trust our loved ones. We will always hope and persevere!

This is the kind of love a married couple must have for each other for their marriage to be "till death do us part".

Let's pray for the to-be married couples, that they find that kind of love in their lives, because this is surely in God's plan for all of us!

When we fall in love with someone, we should always pray to God if this is the person that He has sent in our way to spend the rest of our lives with.

God surely will let us know if that's the right person for us or that we are just trapped in some strong physical attraction that might lead us to enter into a relationship that could be hurtful for both of us.

But if we have the joy to be invited to attend a wedding, where the husband and wife know for sure that it's God's plan for them to love each other “till death do them part”, let's be happy for them!

And let's take our time to look for a real perfect Catholic Wedding Gift, one that we know the Married Couple will cherish for ever.

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