Catholic Wedding Prayers, Heaven Bestowed Graces!

Catholic Wedding Prayers, exclusively for you who are planning a Church Wedding. You have made the right decision, and God will bless you abundantly for this holy intention. Blessed are you, who realize that you can never plan your life together with your partner, without the blessing of the Church by accepting the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony

Promising your fiance in front of the Lord, to love and to serve, till death do us part, is a very big responsibility, for the rest of your life!

You can't make a decision like this that easy. We must love our partner deeply and must have much confidence in their love for us!

When God listens to such a promise of two sincere people in front of Him, you can be sure, He will give his blessings abundantly. He will shower His graces upon us, to make us capable to face every thing we may come across during our long journey together, on our path to Jesus.

During a Catholic Wedding Ceremony, there comes a moment when the couple presents flowers to our Blessed Mother. They pray for Her intercession before Her Son Jesus to give them the graces needed to love and serve each other for the rest of their lives.

I have always loved this part of the Ceremony. You can almost feel the Maternal Blessing descending upon the newlyweds!

We Catholics know how much our Blessed Mother desires that families grow in love for God and for each other! She is concerned for us, God's children, because she is our Mother in Heaven.

Let's not forget that Jesus did His first Miracle at a wedding feast and that He changed water in wine on request of His Mother!

This was the first of the signs through which Jesus revealed His glory and His disciples believed in Him ( John 2:11)

Catholic Wedding Prayers are important and beautiful prayers for such a big occasion.

So notwithstanding all the details your wedding will need, a beautiful wedding prayer is one of the most important parts of this unforgettable day!

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