Cherubim Angels, Heavenly Spirits who
protect the Holiness of God.

The Cherubim Angels are living spiritual creatures. They represent the Divine Wisdom and usually you see them painted in golden yellow or blue colors. You can also see them painted holding a book. 

The word Cherubim originates from a Hebrew word “merkabah” which means chariot.  This name means also  “fulness of knowledge” and also “the seat of the Glory of God”. You often see them depicted standing upon a wheel (chariot).

They are described as having four faces, one face looks like that of a man, the second like the face of a lion. The third is like the face of an ox and the last face looks that of an eagle. Further we understand that these sublime spiritual creatures of God have four wings and eyes around their whole bodies.

The Tasks that God
entrusted to these angels:

They form a protective barrier to guard the Holiness of God and it's also them who guard the Garden of Eden, protecting the Tree of Life.

In the Book of Genesis we can read how God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden after they had sinned.They disobeyed His command not to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

When Adam and Eve were driven out of Paradise, it were these Angels the ones that God ordered to take care that the Tree of Life be protected. They guard the Garden of Eden with flaming swords which turn in every direction, but they are stationed at the east of the Paradise.

In the Holy Scriptures we can also read how God ordered Moses to take care that the Ark of the Testimony be decorated with two hammered Cherubim Angels. Their wings must be spread upward, overshadowing the cover of the ark with them. God also ordered that they face each other and look towards the cover.

Then God ordered Moses to put the tablets of the Covenant Law He would give him later on.

Thus, we understand that this Choir is the one who also had the task of guarding the Ark of the Testimony and it's precious content.

It's here that God also chose to meet Moses and give him all His commands for the Israelites.

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