Confession Prayers prepare your Heart and Soul for the Holy Spirit. 

Confession Prayers are what we are looking for when we decide to confess our sins. The Sacrament of Confession is one very important Sacrament in the life of a Catholic.

“ Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The supplication of a righteous man can accomplish much” -James 5:16

The above mentioned verses show us very clearly that it's God's will that we acknowledge our sins, not only to Him, but also through another human being. We Catholics do that through our priests!

God never said in His word that we can just sit in our rooms, and make a confession all by our selves! No, He wanted us to tell our sins to another person, a sinner just like us. And when we do this He will descend upon us with His Mercy and His Forgiveness.

We must prepare our souls in order to tell our Lord the offenses we committed against Him and our neighbor, so we get forgiveness for our sins.

Confession Prayers are intended to help us get a deeper understanding of the offenses we have committed against our Lord.

When we really understand how deeply we have offended God with our sins, we will feel truly sorry and we will be more resolute to reject sin, for the love of God.

Since we are by nature inclined to sin, it can happen that we sin again. We will need God's grace to withstand temptations. Through means of a life of prayer, reading the Word of God, regular acknowledgement of our sins, regular confessions and weekly fasting, we will be capable to avoid sinning.

Why must we make reparation for our sins, you might ask yourself. Well, when we sin, various things happen within us and around us. We loose the Grace of God and we hurt our souls. Since we are a community, if one member gets hurt, all the other members get affected too.

By sinning we loose the grace of God, but when we admit our sins and make reparation, our soul gets healed.

It's necessary for us to find ourselves a humble and loving priest, who is sensible to the Holy Ghost.

This, together with some good confession prayers,  will help us to open up our soul to him.

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