by Cheryl

Abba, please help me to find and get and keep a part-time or full-time collector or loan officer position in a good company as soon as possible.

Please forgive me if I did and do enjoy parts of my unemployment-one of which is sleeping late and not watching my money on the two meals I have each day.

Please do not let me suffer automotive breakdowns and broken parts and tire blowouts.

Holy Mother of the Most Holy Rosary, please help me and ask the Holy Trinity to forgive me for doubting and not having confidence in my prayers.

Sts. Cajetan, Anthony, Rita, Jude Thaddeas, Joseph, Ann, Padre Pio, Alphonsus, Faustina Kowalska, and other saints that I've prayed to in the past and present, please intercede for me and forgive me if repetitive and for me feeling like I am alone with no help coming to me at times.

To all in Heaven, I ask for your mercies and help.

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