Envy: entwined with all the other Deadly Sins

When dealing with Envy we notice that this sin is properly a consequence of Pride. Thus we can see how all these Capital Vices are entwined with each other, unable to be divided.

There are several really bad actions people do to each other, all out of this bad habit .

Ever heard of, or known someone being happy because of the suffering of others? You can be sure this is an envious person.

Some fruits of this bad habit

  • Hate, murmuration, ill will.
  • Jealousy, contempt.
  • Malice and lack of charity.
  • Adversity, slander and hypocrisy.

Envy eats away all the goodness there is in our souls.

If we are envious people, one thing is for sure: we can never have the inner peace that only God can give! If we have this bad habit we can find ourselves for example luring our neighbors just to find some bad things to talk about them.

We all have this sin rooted within our humanity (some more than others). Yes, even people who are involved in prayer groups, devoted people, church people and even religious people.

This sin can become a vice and can hinder us to love God truly. Why?

Because we think that He doesn't give us what we think we deserve..

In " Geography of Good and Evil" you will discover why vices and virtues are not figments of the mind or the subjective creations of men but they are  inherent in creation

Remedy to this sin:

  • Fervent prayer.
  • Practice love for your neighbor.
  • Treat your neighbor exactly like you want to be treated.
  • Pray for your neighbors.

We have to ask our dear Lord on our knees to deliver us from all this venom that eats at our soul!

Let's ask our Lord to help us get rid of all these bad habits.

If not, we will be gravely hindered in our Spiritual Growth. This means we will not achieve the level of holiness that God has planned for us.

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