Female Saints,
Heroic examples of our Faith!

There are so many Female Saints, women who the Church has named role models of our faith!

They are just too many to mention! Here are a few who have really made an impact on the Catholic family of believers.

Ordinary Women who lived extraordinary Lives!

Let's take for example Saint Anne, the mother of The Virgin Mary. What do we know about her? The daughter she conceived was the Mother of God! What a great privilege this must have been for her.

Do you know about Saint Bernadette? A courageous teenage girl! In the eyes of the rich, she was just a poor ignorant peasant girl. This is why the Mother of God chose her to receive the heavenly apparitions.

And what do we know about Saint Catherine of Siena? One thing is for sure, she was the first Female Saint to be named a Doctor of the Catholic Church, because of her wisdom and learned teachings.

Read also about Saint Elizabeth, the little princess of Hungary, who died so young, but if we look back what kind of life she lived. Notwithstanding being born in a very very rich family, her whole young life she lived helping the poor.

How can we forget Saint Maria Goretti? Notwithstanding her age, this teenage saint has shown mankind how to live the virtues of purity and forgiveness.

Saint Faustina, the Secretary of  God's Mercy! Faustina didn't have any schooling, that's why in the convent where she lived, she only got the least important tasks. But till this day, the most brilliant theologians bow their heads over her writings.

Blessed Mother Teresa has not yet been canonized. But we are sure this will not take long, for her life was too heroic and she is a modern example of how saints live their Roman Catholic Faith.

St Catherine Laboure, our humble nun of France who had the privilege to touch the Virgin Mary and who received the beautiful task of the making of the Miraculous Medal.

Read about the way Saint Saint Teresa of Avila changed the world of convents forever, funding the Carmelite Order of Discalced Nuns. She was also one of the few female saints to become Doctor of the Church, because of her wise teachings!

These Female Heroes have shown an extraordinary love for God and mankind.They have taken the road of simplicity and had a strong will to take their virtues to the next spiritual level. 

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