Financial help with taxes

by Trish Graham
(Bieber, CA )

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you and graciously give you thanks for the forgiveness of all my sins. Without your mercy I am nothing.

I am beseeching you in this dire time. I have not been able to pay my property taxes for the past five years. Partially, due to my ignorance of my financial obligations.

I have studied the scriptures and have been shown the error of my selfishness and habilts.

I am asking for your devine help to find the means to pay these taxes or have my property foreclosed upon. My property is in my father's name.

Please pray for me and anything you folks out there may have for suggestions, I am open for anything.

Humbly Yours,

Trish Graham

Dear Trish,
many thanks for trusting our prayer group to intercede for you before the Lord.
Every Friday we come together to praise Him who is Almighty and we offer Him all the prayer requests of our dear visitors.

There is no mistake we might have done, that He cannot make us able to correct. But we must trust Him and let Him free in choosing which way He wants us to undo our wrongdoings of the past.

Be confident, if you seek the Lord with whole your heart, He will not let you wait long.

I understand you read the word of God. Keep seeking God's answer to your prayers in the Holy Scriptures. Sooner or later you will discover just that verse that will fill your heart with joy, no matter what your circumstances might be.

Our Lord is a Merciful God, he will never turn away His face from a sorrowful heart.

We have see so many times how people, while they keep struggle paying their debts and trusting the Lord to supply them with the means to do so, they come to see after a while how God has been there, close to them, all the time, giving them the strength to go on, every single day!

So, Trish, keep your faith in the Lord high, you will overcome this!


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Be Strong
by: Russel

I am knee deep in debt due to bad decisions that I have called in life. Something that I could have avoided if I had asked for your guidance.

As I prepare to meet the tax man give me the wisdom to say and do the right thing. I ask that U free me of all this debt, heavenly Father and that I be able to take care of my responsibilities. AMEN

Hi Trish
by: Anonymous

Yes that is quite a hole to climb out of.
Have you given thought to renting a room or two,
this extra income will help you pay your back taxes. As long as you pay down the debt, they cannot foreclose on you.

Cut out all unnecessary spending, live a very discipline life and do rent out those rooms.
There may be someone just waiting to rent who goes to your church. Give it a try.
Do send your angel to find such a person, ok.

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