Financial help

by S. Bacchus

Dear God,

I know you are there and know all of our problems. I know you know what financial difficulty we are in with our business and the debt deadline we have to meet.

Our funds are running out and our business is in great distress. I beg for you help with all our financial needs so we can fulfill all our debts and appreciate what you have given us and will continue to give and bless us.

Please, please it is so bad now I don't know where to turn. You are our only hope now. Please walk us through this and we shall forever be grateful. Thank you dear Lord.

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Financial stress
by: Anonymous

DearGod Please help our business that is in great
financial stress. Help us to pay our debt. Thank you dear Lord for my beautiful family we are blessed. Help those who are in the same position as us. Please help us through this.

Things are tough.
by: Anonymous

Yes things are tough all around.
Have you sought pro-help for your financial problems?
Maybe you need to down size, cut all spending that don't effect your business.

Pay yourself first, cut out whatever is needed to keep your cash flow going. I had debts coming out of my hears at one time.

I did just that, cut, cut and cut some more. It took time and a lot of discipline, but I finally beat it after a few years.

I heard a good one some time ago.
A person had a toothache, and was praying for the pain to go away. Someone said pray all the way to the dentist.

I am not making fun of your predicament, but do pray that God leads you to somebody that can show you the way out.

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