Financial overflowing graces

by Alma

Heavenly Father, I praise and adore you with all my heart. I do ask forgiveness for all wrongs I have done and I forgive those who wronged me.

I thank you for all the blessings and graces you have bestowed on us. I thank you Father for my family, my children, parents, brothers and sisters and friends, relatives also.

I thank you for giving us persons willing to help our financial needs and help. I thank you for giving us Mama Mary, all saints and heavenly angels to protect us, especially my kids when we are away doing our service for the Lord!

Father, please help our family financially. Please overflow your graces on us like flowing river. Please help us settle our debts and obligations. We humbly come before you for assistance.

I pray for the person you have sent to buy our market stall. That he will pay it in full and in the most urgent time.
I pray that you will send me angels to charge over me and I can pay all my debts.

Please touch the hearts of the persons I am indebted, that they will give me time to pay it and touch their hearts for they are so strict and proud. My heart bleeds for them.

Father, please hear the prayers of my beloved ones, hear their cries and petitions. Please protect them, day and night. And please give this land peace and happiness.

This I ask in the mighty name of Jesus, with the intercession of Mama Mary, with all the saints and angels.


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by: Anonymous

I hope you do pay off al of your debts, it will be a great feeling. I'm not sure how finances are done in the Philippines, but you might somehow advertise your market stall, or even consider renting it out, so that you have some income coming in and be able to at least get up-to-date on your debts.

Have you considered using your market stall to sell some items in your home, or consider moving elsewhere that is affordable? Perhaps there are food banks that can help you, or at least a very good family member who will not hold it over your head even after you repay him/her.

I do know what it is like to have many debtors, one of which did sue me.

I do hope that your situation will improve soon; but in the meantime, find an advocate in the law profession because I do not know where you stand with your debtors, but you need some protection if you do not have FDCPA laws in your country.

God luck & God bless!

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