For the release of my only transcript and cerificate

by Rosa

Dear God, you know too well I did not go far in my education due to negligence on my part. None the less oh God, you raised me up and gave me gifts that have made me rub shoulders with the elite of society.

You have provided me jobs even when I didn't deserve them. You have given me talents which I have used even in my current job. I Am forever grateful to you.

Father, many years ago I managed to do a short course of which I am meant to get a certificate. To date I haven't got it. At this very moment I desperately need this certificate to back up my job, to try and secure a diploma course in my field of work. But mostly heavenly Father, my bosses need this certificate to take it to the city counsel education department.

I am still pursuing this certificate but so far the result I have got are that indeed my name is on the list of those to receive their transcripts.

Please I pray to you God that I may get this certificate and transcript. I am now afraid of even reporting to school, I am afraid of my boss, workmates and what they think of me.

Now please please Lord, listen to the cry of my heart and grant me this miracle.

With a grateful heart, your daughter Rose.

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by: Anonymous

If I were you I would have a lawyer on hand in case there is a matter of liability, otherwise there is a risk of being fired. Pardon my English on a Catholic site but don't ****** what someone thinks of your situation, just be careful when they want to 'help' because their idea of 'help' may be hurtful-not helpful-in your situation.

Contact the bursar/registrar of where you need to get your transcript & certificates; are you sure your fees are all paid & you have all of the requirements met? Ask you H.R. Dept. for help in obtaining them as it's their job to have all necessary documentation up-to-date on their employees.

Hope this helps you!

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