Gluttony can ruin You and your Family!

Gluttony is an uncontrollable desire to eat and drink.

People who suffer from this vice abuse the pleasure of appetite that God has given us, by feeding themselves excessively.

What happens with us when we surrender to this bad habit?

Our minds become lazy and the virtue of chastity within us becomes affected.

A Person who has this vice:

  • Will eat rapidly and in a hurry, just to eat.
  • Will pick from the plate only what they like. I mean people who are “picky” in many other ways. 
  • Does not realize that there are people who don't have anything to eat.

Drinking too much will make that:

  • We cannot control ourselves; we might fight, beat people, confront police without realizing and so on.
  • We  put our families in big financial problems.
  • We cannot provide food for our families any longer.

This sinful lifestyle brings with it: Anger, robbery and infidelity.

It will sow disagreement within families, friends and neighbors.

When you see drunken people you can see clearly how these capital sins are entwined  into each other.

Uncontrolled drinking will cause us to commit mortal sins. 

It will make us incapable to love God.

To die drunken will make you enter eternity without being prepared!

Remedies for Gluttony:

  • Live in penitence.
  • Refuse yourself the desires of the flesh.
  • Eat in a controllable way.
  • Work on your spiritual strength.
  • Live the same way our Lord lived.
  • Fast twice a week.

Fasting will make our minds function in a much clearer way and helps us to control the pleasure of eating and drinking too much. You will grow in Virtues day by day with each accomplishment.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” - 1 Corinthians 10:31

My sisters and brothers in Christ: Addiction to anything, takes away one of the most precious gifts that Jesus gave to us, Freedom! So if you want to be free of any addiction, find your path to Jesus with a pure heart. Jesus wants us to be free people!

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