God please help him

by Sushmita

Dear God,

My Loving father I love you.
Thanks to you for everything that you have given me.

Please God, help A K he needs your help. Please help him in improving his career and become financially stable and secure.

Please give him the gift of abundance and joy. Please fill his heart with joy, hope, happiness and faith.

He is so troubled and frustrated now. He has so much bitterness in him, please release him of all the negative things and energies and fill him with love.

Like you have helped me to reach out to you also please help him. He is not a bad guy, he is just unhappy, hence the bitterness in him.

Please forgive him for anything he has done wrong as he is not in the correct state right now. Please God bless him and make him happy.

Also God please help and heal our relationship and help us. We love each other a lot please help us to reach out to each other's heart with love and reunite.

You are almighty God and nothing is impossible for you. I pray with purest of heart and intention please help us.
Please forgive if we have sinned, please forgive me for anything wrong I have done.
Please help us to be bound by the sacred union of marriage soon.


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