Our Guardian Angels play a specific role in our lives

And what about our Guardian Angels, you might be asking yourself. Well, it's not clearly stated in the Bible that we have a Heavenly Keeper. 

But Jesus mentioned this indirectly when warning people to "not despise one of these little ones, because their Angels in Heaven always see the face of His Father” - (Matthew 18:10).

From Jesus's words we can conclude that even little children have Angels to take care of their safety, be it spiritually or physically.

From what we can understand, our Guardian Angel has the most pertinent role to our spiritual lives. They are always waiting for us to ask for their help, they are always there as our companions.

 Examples of Guardian Angels
coming to our help 

We can read in the bible how one of these heavenly hosts comforted Jesus and gave Him peace. The scene took place when he was agonizing in the Garden of Getsemany. Thus when we are undergoing tribulations, we can count  on them to bring consolation to us.

In the Acts of the Apostles we can read about one of the most interesting interactions between angels and men. 

We know that Peter was put in prison by King Herod. He was to be tried the day after, but before that happened an angel appeared to him and told him to follow him.

His chains fell off, the prison doors opened and while he thought he was dreaming, he saw himself being led out of prison and into the city.

Saint Gemma Galgani, a Roman Catholic mystic, claimed that she had interacted and spoken with her Heavenly Keeper. According to her, her Keeper had acted as her teacher and guide. At times he would stop her from speaking up at inappropriate moments.

They are our companions on
our way to Heaven

Yes, our Heavenly Hosts are very eager to serve us and take care of us. They accompany us wherever we go, they pray that we decide to do good and avoid evil. They become sad when we sin against God.

When we die and go to heaven, they are there with us, ever happy for our salvation.

If we go to purgatory, they stay at our side and console us until we have purified our lack of love for God and are called to see the Lord face to face.

The only place where they will not accompany us is in hell. There we will find only the fallen angels waiting for those who had rejected God during their life here on earth.

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