Help me and my love

Dearest Lord,
Christ promised us that if we ask of anything in His name that You would grant it to him. All I ask is that you soften David's heart and for him to let go of all the anger he holds against me, and he starts to trust me once again.

I love him Dear Lord with an overwhelming love, and you have shown me that he is the man for me, but something has caused this mistrust and distance to the point where he is breaking my heart.

I know I need to be patient, but my hurt and my heart is growing weary and everyday breaking more. Please let David come back with full unconditional love and complete trust, and removed from the feelings of doubt, fear and confusing.

Let him realize that to love you have to forgive 20 times 100. And that love is never easy. Take away the whispers in his head of leaving me or the anger. Please have mercy on me, and please do not let my suffering, prayers, and sacrifice be in vain.

My Jesus, My Lord, please hear the prayer of a nearly broken hearted girl.

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