help me get my child father back in our lifes

by fee fee

Dear God I want to say that I'm hurt and sad right about now that my child's father left me for some girl that he don't like that.

We were together for 11yrs. I have a daughter by this man that I know I still love deeply to my soul.

I pray for me and him J M to be a happy family for once again in life. He has my heart Lord I'm not over this man. God it has hurt me to see him with this lady why they happy together.

I want to be happy again with J my brother my best friend my man that I only knew to grow with each other for them 11yrs lord. I rebuke you devil in the name of Jesus Christ to stay away from me and my family.

Lord I want J back in my life. It feels like some thing is still there between us. I pray that that lady go find some one else to be with that go spend money on her. Not my man that I love to go back with me. I'm his child's mom. I just want my family back like used to be.

This break up I'm in its not going to work cause Lord I'm still in love with him lord please. He is my everything that I only know in life. J belongs to me I know his ways his moves. I just wish Lord that he won't go with, her break up with her and call me and tell me how much he sorry and that he loves me. And plus he miss me.

I pray that J M see the light and say he love me once again amen.

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