The History of
the Catholic Church 

“The History of the Catholic Church” is one of the books I thought would be great for you to know more about. 

Like I promised you, I tried to make things easier for you by doing some research on some of our Catholic books that our Church has to offer us. 

Wouldn't it be great to know more about the History of your Faith? Everything that is real and that is true, has a history! We have a whole lot of reasons why we can be proud of our Roman Catholic History!

Reports tell us that our Church has always had heroic members, for example Martyrs, men and women who offered their lives for their Catholic Faith, without hesitating not even one second! Yes, the chronicle of Christianity is one filled with martyrs. People like you and me, who died for their faith in Jesus. 

Probably there is no better book to acquire an excellent background of our Catholic Faith than  "Church History", written by Fr. John Laux, both for students and adults.

The Catholic Church is founded by Jesus himself when he appointed Peter to guide His Church. For us to be in communion with the Catholic Church, is only possible if we are in communion with the Bishop of Rome! All bishops following Saint Peter have the same responsibility.

Saint Hippolytus of Rome, saint Clement of Rome, saint Dionysius of Corinth and all the other Church Fathers have always acknowledged this fact.

Again Jesus asked, "Simon, son of John, do you really love me?" He answered, "Yes, Lord. You know that I love you."Jesus said, "Take care of my sheep." - John 21 - 16

Do you want to know Jesus better? Read Catholic Bibles, or delve into books about the lives of the Catholic Saints, Make good use of the Catholic Sacraments, let the Holy Spirit guide you into an intimate relationship with God. 

The History of the Catholic Church is so rich it is a real pity that most of us, his members know so little about it! Let us be one of those members who know how to defend what they believe in.

Discover how the "mustard seed", planted by Jesus has grown to be the greatest Institution in the entire world!

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