Pray for a miracle for my Mother Geneta Bartholomew to walk again, regain her hearing, stop all her pains and cough.

Praise and thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for sustaining her. Praise and thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for being at my side throughout my car transaction.

Pray for financial guidance, clarity and comfort.

Praise and thanks for me being appointed as Planning Officer I at the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs. Praise and thanks for getting an immediate Planning Officer II acting.

Pray to understand and perform my job in an outstanding manner and for my work to be pleasing to the supervisors.

Pray that the external examiners will respond in a timely and favourable manner to mark my MPhil thesis so that I can receive my PhD very soon.

Pray for forgiveness from all whom I have hurt especially my Mother and my children Shannon and Tisha, I do love you very, very much.

Pray for comfort and good health for HCB, Mary, Ann, Ms. Forde and Thecla, pray for them to be all pain and disease free.

Pray for the valuation process on my home to be completed very soon without any further queries. Dear Mother, you know the pain and anguish I bore with this home, pray to get my Deed of Ownership very soon, pray that I will be able to fix the leak, do the painting and all other small works on my home without any cursing, controversy and conflict from Joan and Stalin Riley who both cursed me and hurt me with their wild and untrue accusations when I tried to fix my wall between us.

Forgive me for all the hurt that I may have caused them both.
Pray for Br. Tony and Fr. Reggie and all Catholic priests as they perform their daily vocations.

Pray that Enid Donawa, Dhalia Richardson, Cindy Roopchand, Jenny Weekes, Randy Maurice, Timmy Baksh, Vidya Mohan, Chemaine Lutchman, Pamela Ragbir, Lindian Mars and Joan and Stalin Riley stop their hating, marginalising, envy, jealousy, deception, backstabbing, slander, gossip, disrespecting, witchcraft, bad thoughts and wishes, evil/demonic works and forces, pride, violence, criticism, anger, disrespecting, anger, resentment, unforgiveness, accusation, unbelief, manipulation, impatience and interference with me in any way.

Pray to put them all before the foot of the cross for all their transgressions against me especially Enid, Joan/Stalin Riley, Dhalia, Cindy, Vidya, Timmy, Randy.

Pray for Enid Donawa, Dhalia Richardson, Cindy Roopchand and Timmy Baksh to stop pestering and bothering me with office gossip, non-work issues and unrelated duties.

Pray for Timmy Baksh to have vision and recognition for the work that I do for him.

Pray for peace, love, happiness, good health, strength, success, prosperity and a good, kind, loving and faithful husband.

Praise and thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ for all the gifts and blessings that he has bestowed on me and my dear mother and for giving me strength.

Pray for Dhalia Richardson, Cindy Roopchand, Jenny Weekes and Vidya Mohan to stop gossiping and maligning my name, pray to put them all before the foot of the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, for all their many deceptive and damaging transgressions against me.

Pray for Cindy Roopchand to stop her hating and rivalry against me. I started as acting Planning Officer before her and now she is upset and have stopped talking to me because I am appointed before her. She has been acting Planning Officer II for five years now, which should have been mine. I made no fuss nor did I display any negatives emotions towards her, now she is upset with me.

Pray for someone to take care of my mother and for her to regain her hearing, pray for good health for me and my mother.

Pray for Joan Riley to stop her bitterness, hatred and mission to destroy me.
She said that ‘she will make me eat the bread the devil kneaded’. Pray that she softens her heart and acknowledges that she is hell bent on destroying me for nothing that she didn’t know about, she knew of my plans to extend my home.

Pray for promotion and job security, praise and thanks for all that I have been blessed with.

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Hopefully helpful advice
by: Anonymous

I don't know where you are at, so bear with me if some of the things I'm talking about are a bit ignorant.

As far as your workplace goes, I would suggest talking to your manager and Human Resources. They need to know that you can't be productive if all of this is going on.

About your living arrangements (sounds like an apt. or a home that shares a common wall) I would suggest you get a lawyer fast, this is paramount; without fixing your house (physical and otherwise) it would not matter if your sick family was made well, your neighbors will make all of you sick in a another sense.

You need peace and congratulations on your promotion, but it sounds like they are envious and is planning to do serious harm to your career. This needs to be addressed soon, perhaps have a different supervisor assigned to them-but you need a lawyer for both your home and workplace.

Good luck & God bless!

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