I need a home and to clear debts

by Elizabeth

I am sad and afraid, I've been asked to do all sorts of things for money. I've fallen into sin, several times, this time I beg you keep me strong.

Help me get through this impossible time in my life. Help me Father with a roof over my head and my daughter's head, strengthen my business Father and clear my debts.

Only you can help me, Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed Mother, please intercede.

I Love you. Amen!

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May Lord heal and bless you
by: Anonymous

I pray God grants you peace and bless you finacially.

Hopefully helpful
by: Anonymous

I know what it's like to have many debts over my head, and as a woman, I'm sure many things are sexual in nature what is being offered you for money. I also know what it's like to be hungry for days, only having tea, water, and vitamin supplements for sustenance.

If you are hungry, drink lots of clean water until you feel full, this helps. Ask a church in your area for food and maybe they can assist you with finding a better job and a smaller place to live.

I'm not sure what the culture, society, economics, and status for women in your country is, but I hope it will help anyway.

Good luck and God Bless!

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