I need strength

by Michelle Leen
(Columbus, Wisconsin)

Dear God, I am in desperate need for help to save my relationship with the man I love. I know every relationship has ups and downs, but my partner is ready to give up and leave me and my son - our family.

I pray that he can gain more strength and faith to work through our problems. I don't understand how you can leave your family when you say you love them so much.

I also ask for strength for myself - because not only do I need to stay strong through this rough time for me, but I have to carry it for my 9 year old too.

I pray and ask for the strength and faith to keep my family together as one like it should be, for now and for the rest of my life. If You dont mind - my grandmother recently past and I know she is in Your home now and I'd like to ask a prayer from her......

Dearest Grandma Leen, I miss you so much and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You were such an amazing, strong, faith full woman. You never gave up, you fought your life to the fullest and even when you were angry - you had a smile on your face.

I know you would not be happy to see myself and Reece sad and crying right now or at any point in time and so Iam asking for some of your strength to get through this difficult time.

Also, please help, guide and watch over my little man Reece as this difficult time is hurting his heart. I can't always be there for him - but I know you can. I love you and miss you every day grandma.

Thank you God for listening to my prayer and I hope you can help guide me and my partner to save our relationship and our family, as I can't imagine my life without him.
In God's name.....Amen

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