Lenten Prayers,
to start all over again!

Lenten Prayers are prayers to help us meditate about this special period of time in every Catholic's life. Lent offers us Catholics, the opportunity to reflect upon our relationship with God. We know that God redeemed us through the Sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus.

We have accepted Jesus in our hearts, we have welcomed Him in our daily life as Catholics. This means we go to Church every Sunday and during weekdays if we are able to. We pray at our homes with our spouse and children if we have. We read the Word of God and meditate about it.

Our hectic lives might hinder us to stand still more often and to think about the real meaning of being Children of God! Our ultimate goal as Christians is to be united with the One Who redeemed us with His Blood. 

When we die, we don't just stop to exist, our souls keep on living with or without the presence of God.

During the period of Lent the Catholic Church in all it's wisdom gives us the opportunity to start all over again if we might have neglected our relationship with God. 

How do we prepare
our heart for this Lent?

We prepare to restore and repair our friendship with God by reading the Passion of our Lord in the Gospels. We can also read some Lenten Prayers to come in the presence of our Redeemer. 

Finally, we receive the Sacrament of Confession with a contrite heart. The Grace of a contrite heart can be obtained by asking our Holy Virgin. God has decided to make our dear Mother the Mediatrix of all Graces, so we do the correct thing by approaching her for this special gift of God.

We can do the Stations of the Cross or some specific Lenten Prayers. 

We can meditate about how Merciful our Lord is for having forgiven us our sins.

Another beautiful aspect of this kind of prayer is that you can pray it at anytime. It doesn't have to be only during the period of Lent.

Dear God Almighty,

I thank you for your Magnanimity and that You

have created me out of nothing.

And from this nothingness that I am, I ask You:

Give me the Grace to accept You in my heart,

as my Savior.

I confess that I am a sinner and in this beautiful

period of Lent I beg You:

Inspire my heart to long for a good Confession

and clean my soul from all the stains

my sins have caused.

I wish to start all over again dear Lord and I trust

completely in Your Mercy! Amen

This period of Lent is too beautiful, for us not to do everything to regain that wonderful inner feeling that only the real Children of God have! 

Let's find some Lenten Prayers to help us start this period of grace with an inspired heart.

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