Light at the darkest hour. . .I need your prayers

by Juliana
(Oakland, Ca)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I thank you for all of your blessings in my life, for giving me a wonderful family, a good health, job security and many more blessings throughout my life.

Today, I raise Allen in my prayers, that you will bless our relationship and I ask you to put us on the right track to have peace, happiness, and love toward one another.

Our relationship was once so loving, caring and it was secured in all levels. . .but things became very rocky about two years ago and we are both exhausted beyond words for wanting to make things work out for the better.

For whatever reason we are forced to pull away from each other when we see one another.

Please Lord, please take away all of the chatters, negative energy, obstacles, and complications that are keeping us from moving forward towards marriage.

If your will is with my heart's desires, please come inside me and help me guide the way.
I love this man with all of my heart and I am broken inside. He is my best friend in life. . . and I know in my heart that he loves me.

Through your blessings please allow me the opportunnity to warm the heart of Allen so that I can make things right for us. Allow me to be the peacemaker and through my change and effort, please allow his actions and words to alter as well.

Please help us move forward from this dark place that we both despise to be in.

We are stuck and we cannot do it without your blessings.
Father God, you are so powerful, wonderful, loving and a caring God. Without you I am nothing and I pray that through this journey you will draw me closer to you.

I pray in Jesus' Name.


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