Marriage reconciliation and physical healing

My Dearest Lord - I ask that my husband and I grow in faith during this time of marital separation. That our hearts may soften, our eyes be open to the joy of living a sacramental marriage.

Help my unbelief when outward appearances bring me down, and help me hope in you when our reconciliation seems hopeless.

My husband struggles with guilt for his poor choices and this is tearing our families apart. He has run from consequences and lives as a single man without understanding or refuses to live his role as one flesh with his wife.

He is facing his mortality with his cancer diagnosis, and is distancing himself from me. I ask that he be healed in spirit, mind and body, and come to truly be free in you.

Lord, you know my heart, and know that I want to reconcile with him, and live as his faithful wife in every way.

I know that I have made him more important than you in the past, and ask that I stay firm in my conviction that you are the heart of our union.

Sometimes I feel so broken and tired, I wonder if my anguish is out of line. Do I stand for my marriage believing this is what you want, or am I being selfish to want him home?

I don't want a divorce, and neither does he - but indefinite separation and desire to spend as much time with him causes me great anguish.

Some days I am incapacitated, and want for a sign, some comfort to know you hear my prayers. That I am on the right path in praying for total healing of my husband, not only for his health but the restoration of our marriage.

I long for peace and joy. I will continue to ask, and give you the thanks, and glory for all my days.

Thank you for the gift of Your Beautiful Son, I pray in His name,

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