Methods of Abortion

The Methods of Abortion are many, but I will mention only the ones that are most used nowadays.

First we will expose the “ medical abortion”: this type is non-surgical. In this case an abortion pill is used. 

This type of abortion is used in Canada, most of Europe, China and India. In the United States the method of dilation and evacuation is the most known method to perform this act.

We also know the used method: Instillation Abortion, during which a chemical solution is introduced through the abdomen of the mother-to-be and into the amniotic sac, where the baby-to-be lies.

Before injecting the solution, the cervix is dilated. The chemical solution induces uterine contractions, in order to expel the baby-to-be.

This method has not been used very much in recent years, because it can cause serious side effects -in the mother naturally- because the baby to be aborted does not matter in this case, sadly enough! There is also the fact that it takes more time to do this kind of abortion.

The above mentioned method of dilation and evacuation is also called dilation and extraction. This refers to the dilation of the cervix and the surgical evacuation of the contents of the uterus, thus the baby-to-be.

As Catholics we know that God means Life, everlasting Life. Abortion, meaning causing death to a human being, is an act against the will of God. By not permitting these souls to live and reach the grade of holiness that God has planned for them, people who commit these acts are stepping on God's will.

The non-confrontational book, " Angel in the Waters", may convince mothers who are contemplating abortion to keep their babies!

Our world has become so insensitive to God that we have buried our conscience in lots of medical expressions when performing abortion, like this, p.e.: Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception.

Would it not be more honest if they have called this method: Evacuation of Baby Just Murdered in Mothers Womb?

Because this is what in reality is going on in those sad moments.

May our God forgive this world, so indifferent to defend the life of our own children! 

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, the Methods of Abortion are many, but none of them are not seen and judged by God, the Creator of Life!

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