Miracle to solve my financial problem

by Priscilla

Please help me to pray for my financial problem. I've been praying to God, asking Him for financial help as I am getting into deeper and deeper where I am unable to breathe.

I am very vexed, depressed and disappointed as I feel God is not answering my prayer.

I have lose faith in God and whatever I do. I stop going to mass as I find it meaningless since my prayer is unanswered.

At times, I have the thought of doing something stupid; the way my late husband did butI do not have the courage to do it at this moment because of my mother.

God has turned into deaf ears and is punishing me or I do not deserve to lead a simple and stable life that I used to live.

I do not cheat, greed and do any harm or betray anyone. Instead lots of people is doing harm to me. Help me pray for my financial miracle.

God, why have you forsaken me? I receive a strong calling 5 years back for me to attend RCIA when my late husband was sick.

You know that was You who wanted me to rely on when he passed away but now...

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