Mother's illness

by Janie
(Hart, Texas )

My mother went into the hospital for an exploritory procedure in her stomach, on June 14, 2011. What was to be a half hour procedure, turned into a nightmare.

20 minutes after they wheeled her in to surgery, the doctor came out and said she was bleeding profusly and that they were losing her. I prayed to God Almighty that if it was His will to let us borrow her a little longer; to please send her confort.

After being told that they would disconnect the life support the very next day she breathed on her own, with the grace of God.

She was in Cardiac ICU for a week but got to come home to us 14 days later.

I could tell you several instances I know my Lord has been at our side. I know that, had it not been for my faith, I would not be here today.

God keep you and guide everyone.

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