My prayer request: please pray for my ex-wife Amy

by C. Evans
(Columbia, Mo. USA)

Please pray that GOD will change and renew the mind of my ex-wife Amy, that she may perhaps come back to her family that she has left. That she becomes both the wife & mother that GOD desires for her to be, bringing honor and glory to HIM.

May her heart be softened with Love and a new desire.

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Never give up..
by: Anonymous

Hi C,

I read your prayer request and I felt compelled to write this comment with hopes to encourage you..

Never give up on God, because he never gives up on any of us. Keep your faith high and your prayers strong.. It will soothe your heart until God answers you..

Remember the Cross...? That's where Jesus defeated all our burdens, yours too, my friend.

I'll remember you in my prayers:)

Stay Strong ... Stay Strong in HIM
by: Anonymous

Hello- I found your site by typing in "Should I pray for my ex wife to return"...I see we are in the same "season" together. I lost my wife of 21 years to divorce and through the pain of divorce, I learned why I lost her. I knew there was a Jesus, but I didn't KNOW him. He comforts me when nobody else can. He is with both YOU and I 24/7.

Obviously nobody can say if your ex wife will return but remember that through him all things are possible. If it's in his will, it will happen. Turn it over to him and understand that we are here for a very short time.

I sincerely feel your pain and will say a special prayer for you tonight. I would appreciate the same.

God bless you and please stay in the word.

Praying for you!
by: Anonymous

I am in the same boat as you. My wife and I had issues because of our pride and argued so much I moved out. I completely walked away from the marriage and from God. After trying to work it out but always throwing in divorce, she got a boyfriend.

God put me on my face before Him and said "no more". I took my eyes completely off Him and lost my wife. For four months I have been in constant prayer day and night.

Well, she still filed for divorce and last week it was final, but God had other plans for her and for me. She is in the process of getting herself right with the Lord and wants us to start dating again and try to start over and do everything the way God intended.

It is too early to tell if she is sincere, but God is definitely working on her heart. She has had real concern for me since the divorce.

I know God will restore my marriage. She is a wonderful woman who has been hurting a long time and God willing He will bring us together at some point in the future.

I will not push a relationship, as I am a stander. I will wait on God. His will shall be done and in His perfect timing.

Trust Him, but make clear to your ex-spouse that you have changed if you have and that you love her with all your heart. Make it clear to her, but speak few words and let God clear her mind and melt her heart. It will be done if you trust Him!

Psalm 37.4 I believe says: "Trust in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart". And Matthew 7:7 says: " Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened".

Too many verses of promises for restoration, but His word in its entirety is a promise. Believe In Him.....and it will be done! Don't listen to me or any other man. Read the word and trust Jesus! He will return her to you if you are right in heart.

I know what is said about free will, but God's word is God's word. Read Psalm 4 tonight. Ask God to accept this prayer of David as your own. Pray it and mean it!. Say it every night.

I see changes in my wife already. Praise be to God! I will keep you in prayer brother!

Happy love
by: Vicky

Heavenly father bring back ex- wife to her husband. Make them happy in their love. Amen

Now hear this...
by: Anonymous

Now hear this, ask yourself why she left, what was it that prompted her to leave.

She has free will and she used it. Is it good or bad. I think not. not all relationships can be saved.

Just pray for her healing and yours alike.

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