My Prayer Request to emerge from the Debt Burden

by Kusiyo

Hi, please add my Prayer Request:

I am immersed in a debt burden which is beyond my understanding. I have fasted, prayed and cried for Mercy and capacity to enable me emerge from this situation.

God has heard me but He has not answered me. I fail to comprehend, why. How long will God allow me and my family to suffer? I do not know how to pray for my situation.

I always believe that God is the only One who can help me but He has not. I am painfully wondering why. What next? I do not know.

Please Pray for me!

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Just a matter of time..
by: Giac

Hi, Kusiyo

I understand that you think God hasn't answered your prayers yet.. But like you said, He has heard them.. "God has heard me but He has not answered me."

God sees your suffering and from everyone else too.. He sometimes uses suffering to heal and mend the destruction of the world caused by mankind it self.. Jesus, the Son of God has suffered for mankind and its salvation and all who want to follow HIm will at some point have to suffer too.. I know I have, and I know I will still have some more suffering to go trough.. It might sound weird, but it's in the moment of my suffering where I received the most graces..

I know suffering can be painful of course to everyone in a different way..

Your prayer has been heard and will be answered with time.. How much? We don't know.. But do not let your faith in the Lord tremble.. Hold on tightly to Jesus and the Virgin Mary, cause it's trough Them that we will overcome all our problems..

I will remember you in my daily prayers.. I wish you patience, strength and love to follow trough these hard times.. Pray with your family, let the bond between you and your loved ones grow in love for Jesus..

good day :)

Your debt burden will vanish sooner or later!
by: Myrna

Hi Kusiyo,
I've received your prayer request to emerge from your debt burden.
Your petition will be placed together with all the other requests and our prayer group will attend them this same week.

I urge you to keep your faith strong in the Lord Jesus Christ, because He is more powerful than any of our burdens and His Mercy is Infinite!

You will see how He will answer your cries for help!

I urge you to...
by: Anonymous

I urge you to seek finacial advice, see what you can do to cut out expenses that can get you a little extra money to pay off the debts.
Pay off the higher interest ones first and then the next. We all at one time or other live high, this can quickly lead us to debts.

God heard your many prayers, He just wants you to do some leg work of your own to get out of debt.
I do not blame you in anyway. been there and done it several times. I finally learned my lesson.

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