Not to lose my home in foreclosure and financial request.

by Francesca Parella
(Oceanside NY 11572)

I need some prayers and blessing not to lose my home to foreclosure and to help with financial problems.

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Foreclosure and financial request
by: Anonymous

I would hire an atty. a.s.a.p. and see if you can short-sale the house with the bank and to prevent the bank to freeze your accts.

In the meantime (depending on how many is in your home) consider purchasing one of those camper/trailers and then keep sentimental and practical items and donate the rest.

Go to food banks in your area (chuch and non-church) to get some supplies. I suggest going meatless and eat cheese, beans, Greek yogurt, and pea/soy, nut butter, for protein.

As for your finanical request, I strongly urge you to NOT GO FOR A PAYDAY LOAN!! It will cost you way more than the loan is worth. Also not all sites are direct-I almost became a victim of a scam where I needed to send $ to get $.

Even when you don't get approved you will have some guy with a heavy Indian accent telling you to pay up of charges that will be made against you.I even went to my police station to make sure I don't have charges (I don't, thank God!).

Be careful even when family gives you $. They will always remind you of it when you wished you never asked them for money.

I hope this helps you in some small way and I pray for all people to find a dignified job with a secure living wage.

Good luck & God bless!

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