Open my heart Lord and light my way

by Olivia Hernandez
(Calif. USA)

My Lord and Saviour,
I know that you are aware of all my difficulties. And you knew of my most recent challenges before I did.

I ask that you open up my heart and help me figure things out. Talk to me Lord. Let me know how to handle the situation with my sister, Silvia. You know that I want to forgive her and not argue with her. And the cruel manner of her attack regarding my husband - what do I say Lord.

And how do I handle it with my husband? Is it even worth mentioning now? But he needs to know that I'm not his fool.......anymore.

I love you God and love my kids. I've withstood much pain in Your Holy Name Father and for my kids but they are grown now. Tell me what to say God.

And as far as that legal form - please help me fill it out correctly so that my daughter can get a full refund of her money. And then give me wisdom to handle what comes from that. I can't do it without you Jesus! My rock, my refuge, my supreme counselor. You Lord are the foundation of my life.

And please help me to assist my other sister in forgiving the one sister that has injured us both. It's Advent.........I know.........keep me strong in my faith, let nothing shake me. Help my entire family reconcile. Let us be united like in Thanksgiving. Guide us, help us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Love, my Lord, my God and Holy Spirit.

Dear Olivia, thank you so much for your trust in our catholic community. We will raise your prayer request to our Lord's altar and intercede for your needs.

Feel free to return to our community and publish when your requests have been answered by the Lord. In this way we can all give him glory and praise and honor. Our Lord is good and He wants only what's good for us.

Glory to Him for all eternity.

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Please God
by: Eny Faamous

I've wronged you in many way, I've been a sinner all my day, Holy Father, I ask for mercy, you know my life, my God forgive my life. Thank you My God.

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