Overcoming Capital Vice : In origin, we are untouchable by unholy temptations

by Kevante White
(Austin, Texas, America)

When you are in the darkness, you can physically spot the shadows growing around you. Evil is not something you have to work hard to get it's attention, it's always searching for oppurtunities to form friendships.

I have struggled with the Capital Vice hatred since the day I was born. I am now reaching legal adult age, and I now know that God holds me accountable for my sins, since I am a full fledged man.

The one thing that helps me is that though without God we are mindless slaves to our impulses, originally we were created perfectly in His image with the boundless power of God instilled in us.

God, being too big to conceive in the human mind, created us to be like Him. So that with God and ONLY God, we can reopen that nature, and reinstill that perfection unto us that satan tries so hard to steal from us.

I know that the real person in me would never kill anyone, thus the urges do not make me. Therefore I have never killed and never will.

Thank you for reading this and remember that God made you perfect, and satan corrupted you. But God can always heal what is His when it has been mistreated.

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Mar 31, 2012
Responding to Overcoming Capital Vice
by: S.J.F.

Thank you for your words of Wisdom and Encouragement. I will post mine later on.

I was happy to see even one post. God bless you and keep you in His holy arms. May your days be filled with the Blessed Trinity and the most Holy Mother of God.

From my heart,

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