Pain and anger and complicated situations and me.

by Santiago Gabriel Michael Griego
(Curry County Clovis)

Jesus Christ in my life I feel that I've been alone and bloodied. Jesus Christ I want to be out of the deadly dangers confronting me.

Jesus Christ I feel too that all of my family wish hell on me, I love you Jesus Christ, God Holy Spirit, I've learned that the devil satan knows nothing about the future.

God I pray for the heavy laden get rest and, for the evil man to be converted, for the man of good will to find the fullness of the faith, to become nicer, more giving and more loving.

Nobody understands me, and Jesus Christ they don't care. Jesus Christ discipline me to be a better listener, allow me to gain a massive amount of weight, too.

Jesus Christ I pray that you safeguard me and I pray Jesus Christ. Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ I pray for world peace and for the starving children and people to be fed, for the homeless to find shelter and food, for there to be an end to all abortions.

For all of the souls in Purgatory to be in heaven with you now, for all prostitution agencies, brothels, strip clubs and abortion clinics to be shut down forever and Jesus Christ I pray that you get me out of the problems and troubles surrounding me.

Jesus Christ I pray too that you allow me to be debt free and for me to be able to make ends meet forever and Jesus Christ I pray that you guard, guide, protect, bless, heal and, cure me and I pray that you make me powerful, strong, understanding, faithful, and knowledgeable with wisdom, and commonsense.

Lord I love you and wish to praise you. Too, protect, guard, and, guide and bless and heal and make powerful, strong, understanding, faithful and, loved this address, Curry County Clovis.

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