Passing my state exam and being able to support my three children.

I am asking God that I pass the AEPA 93 exam June 30th 2014 so I can get my certification to teach. It is my last hurdle for the certification.

I am divorced raising three teenagers. It has been trying to go back to finsh school with work, teens, my mother illness and passing, and just myself getting older.

I also need prayers that financially I will be able to provide our needs. I know that once I am certified I can supplement my income.

I get test anxiety and easily confused on muliple choice. I have taken all may course work and finished with A's and B's and am studying from a test prep book I ordered. But even with that I am so scared about the test.

I have a contract with a Catholic school! I know God has a plan, I just need to use what he has given me to the fullest potential to pass the exam.
Please help pray that I retain what I need and can focus to finish confidently!

Thank you for your prayers and any words of wisdom!

Hi, you had not published your name, but nonetheless I felt moved to give you my comment.
I will start with this: I admire you very much for your endurance! God knows how difficult it is to raise children, do the housekeeping, taking care of all that has to be done at home and above that, studying in those conditions!

I am sure that God is giving you all this strength and perseverance. Be assured that I will be praying for you and I would be very glad to hear back from you after your exams.
Then you can give us your testimony on how smooth everything has resulted to be.
May God bless you totally and give you all you need to support your family. This will be my prayer for you!

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