Physical and spiritual healing - deliverance

by Antonella

Brethren, pray for our physical healing (just today my back hurts a lot, we have serious problems in the entire spine) pray for God to fill our hearts with love and take away all bitterness, hatred, resentment, anger, irritation against those who we have done evil.

God fills our hearts with love of faith and the Holy Spirit, break all ties unfair, every curse that weighs upon us it is for our sins or the sins of our deceased loved ones.

There is so much hope in my heart, I feel that God wants to heal but I will not delude myself, I want to be sure that what you hear is the voice of God in my heart, Satan is cunning but God will not allow us fooled.

Fall on all of us Blood of Christ to heal, protect, liberate all of us from all evil and from every disease of the body and the soul.

Thank you.

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